Wonderful Christmas song with Diana and Calin ✨

Own composition inspired fan community – a special Christmas gift – many thanks to Diana Petcu and Calin Andrei 🙂 ✅

"I want you for Christmas" and we want to celebrate with Diana and Calin - in thought while watching this fantastic video.

Dream Christmas with real friends

Part -1

Part -2

A song with her mother in last year – this year with Calin ✨

Last year Diana surprised us with a Christmas carol that she sang with her wonderful mother. This music video was exclusive to her music family at Patreon©.

This year Diana – together with her wonderful friend Calin – presents us this great Christmas song. It is her second own song this year.

The title of this Christmas song reflects Diana and Calin’s ingenuity, their sweet charm and unique – Eastern European character in a phenomenal way.

Diana Petcu keeps giving her fans so much – that’s why we love them all.

Real inspiration and passion ❤

There are many talented and charismatic artists – Diana convinces with completely different, very impressive character traits.

Her gratitude and humility towards her fans make her a gem. Diana is loyal to all fans and supporters – regardless of their financial status.

She loves it when her fan base actively participates and makes suggestions (songs that she sings as a selected song).

More on this on their page at Patreon©. So we have reached a very important point – the active support of the charming and highly talented singer – Diana Petcu.

Here are the specific options – choose one of the two – or (if you can, both options). Many fans support Diana’s singing career on Patreon© month by month and – depending on their own ideas – additionally.

Become part of their music family – with numerous additional offers – only here: https://www.patreon.com/DianaPetcu

Alternatively, you can do it this way: https://www.paypal.me/DianaPetcu

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