With strength of character and passion

The special gift for Diana’s birthday and at the same time from Artemes for her fan base ✨

How does that work?

As blogger for Diana Petcu and Artemes, I would like to comment on the current video after a long time and a break.

This is my special birthday present for her and at the same time Diana / Artemes she make a special gift for her fan base, with this terrific video.

With strength of character and passion, Diana and Calin present the song / cover – Just Tonight – by the American rock band – The Pretty Reckless.

Photo gallery with special impressions from the video (cover from Artemes)

What a terrific performance by Diana and Calin – many of their fans recognized their true potential very early on. ✅

Especially her talent to present the songs with real passion makes Diana an excellent artist.

Every artist has very special talents – with Diana it is her facial expressions, charisma and her wonderful aura. In addition, there is Diana’s authenticity, her strong will – to present all of her videos perfectly!

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