When an angel sings for you

Not as We” – Alanis MorissetteDiana Petcu with an impressive cover version of this emotional song

Song request of the patron Stefano Verginelli - we thank him and Diana. The song text show clearly how the life really is. It only depends on getting up again and again when you fall down, reorienting yourself and stabilizing your self-confidence.

When an angel sings for you – here you can see it.
You will be inspired by what Diana shows to all of us here in this #unique video.


Very rarely have I met a real and so down-to-earth artist like Diana Petcu. Her singing career is constantly shaped by new challenges, which she masters together with her musical family. 🙂

Diana liv not to heaven – and her fans are on Earth – she’s modest, honest as a real girl.

She loves having her fans thank her personally on Patreon©®, creatively commenting on her videos and making her, wish a song request. This song request is a proof of countless song wishes, which Diana has already realized.

Diana has talent and empathy and is there for her fan community, like a true friend – that make she really is so special.

Honestly, how many down-to-earth talents really exist today? Who speaks openly about his problems and defeats with his real fans?

Diana is always looking for new solutions when there are problems.That’s what this song is all about: orienting new yourself and sticking through difficult situations!!

In this video, Diana shows real charm, love for music, she is as well as enchantingly beautiful, charismatic, authentic – as her fans really know her and love. ♥♥

Photo gallery of this great video with the best scenes

Part -1

Part -2

Now we ask you the following question

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