Two masters with mega-performance

Diana Petcu & Calin Andrei with impressive song interpretation / cover of “Vehicle” Orig. by The Ides of March

Song request from the patron Jason Meinhart - a loyal and outstanding member of Diana's fanbase / music family :)

Two masters with mega-performance and fantastic song interpretation – here in the following video

Diana and Calin have proven in the past that they make magnificent music together. ✔✨✨✨✨✨✔

This is once again proven in this new video. Diana with her unique body language and Calin as great guitarist.

These two charismatic artists deserve the utmost respect for their achievements – to 100 percent!

Diana sings every song with true devotion and trains many hours to get the best possible result.

That’s why this video is new proof of her artistic perfection ✔

Even Calin inspired with his musical arts on the guitar, that he is always ready, to master great challenges.

He did a great job in this video!

Thank you, Diana Petcu and Calin Andrei, for this superb song interpretation 🙂 


Charismatic moments from this amazing video – photo gallery

Part -1

Part -2 (also funny scenes)

Also you, can ask Diana a song request – it will make your music wish an unforgettable experience:

In addition, you can also support them here:

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