Three incredible singers

Second song request and an enchanting performance with the Diana triplets ✨✨✨

With this song request (third part) Diana succeeds in a terrific way to lure two more charming singers onto the stage at the same time.

The song - Show Me the Way - by the American rock band Styx, has now an excellent cover by the charming artist and singer Diana Petcu.

Three incredible singers in harmony, that is mega proportional singing art and the result for grandiose ingenuity.

Magnificent soprano with fundamental strength – sung by three Diana’s at the same time – with charismatic communication with each other.

Diana is getting better and better – she is so amazing ✨

New goal reached ✅

Diana Petcu’s success is the result of hard work, and it has received great applause from the community. The latest stage, however, is that she now has 2k subscribers on its YT channel.

So, nothing stands in the way of further successes – this continuous and tough struggle is a result of Diana’s strong will and great talents.

In addition, she has surprised her community with new features and ideas. Her numerous collaborations – even the representation with a visual band in one of her last videos – are among her wonderful successes.

All these unique and professional videos – far across the globe to coordinate, is a evidence for a very great and amazing teamwork.

Guaranteed not every young artist achieve so a great work und performance.

But Diana has always demonstrated her authenticity and clear visions.
For this and that’s why she is supported, loved and valued by her music family.

Above all, in the last two years Diana has grown enormously. She has produced increasingly sophisticated videos and her ingenuity is really phenomenal,

For example – the option with the song request of the week. Not every song can be easily reproduced and presented true to the original in terms of its characteristics, performance and details.

Show me the way – is a very good title of this song and at the same time a message from Diana to all her fans.

With her musical, stylistic and charismatic arrangements Diana gives many people inspiration and much more joy in life.

Because: music is joy and quality of life at the same time – above all – when such a charming, charismatic and cheerful artist sings these songs.

I still remember very clearly one of Diana’s livestreams this year, when – despite a cold – she moderated it for 2 hours. And even now, when she is under a lot of stress because of her studies, she creates such a fantastic and harmonious video.

The photo gallery also shows the most impressive snapshots from this video.

Enthusiastic about all of this? I think a little further.

Because every young and aspiring artist needs his creative freedom to develop and present his works in an excellent way.

I do not mean the celebrity meadow on which some stars move! But young talents who deserve to be supported for their creativity.

Beauty is not just a radiant complexion, but elementary – inner energy, sparkling passion and the strong will to bring joy to many people.

In order to really realize all of this, artists like Diana Petcu need your support.

You will definitely be amazed at what makes Diana so unique as an incredibly personable artist.

Despite her success, she is always truly grateful to her music family. Above all, because she stuck to her even in difficult times.

Ambition to want to get from the bottom up, sincerity, mutual respect and gratitude are fundamental.

On this basis, there are numerous ways to get to know Diana better – for example: to request your song, which Diana should sing for you/us. Only and especially in this way:

Alternatively – also here:

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