This has before never happened

#Diana Petcu & #Calin Andrei write a new chapter their own success story & desired Song by patron Steve Donaldson with “Shallow” (cover version)

"Shallow" - sung by Lady Gaga & Bradley Cooper - was the soundtrack of the successful musical drama film "A Star Is Born"

This has before never happened:

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x-fold success for Diana and Calin – here are the facts:
• 1k subscribers at YT
• Calin sings a song of success together with Diana
• 1.1k video calls within a day!
Sina-Drums supports Diana Petcu
• Diana as best artist on position 1 in the app of “Next Music” – despite
  a short break
• Further success as a new, young artist in the app
Detailed information on the profile of Diana Petcu on Patreon©
Review: I remember the time last year when Diana sang the song “Alone – Heart“. She had about 680 subscribers at YT at the time – today it is 1k!

Amazing moments – photo gallery from this successful singer duo

Part one

Part two

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