The dream team is back


#Diana Petcu and #Calin Andrei with a cover version of the song “Iris” 

This song was composed by the American alternative rock band "Goo Goo Dolls". He was also one of the most successful songs of this band, which was voted number one in the charts - especially in the countries: Australia, Canada and Italy (in the year 1998).^^


To the delight of all her fans – the dream team (Diana Petcu and Calin Andrei) – is back 🙂

Photo Gallery from this charismatic video

Success has parallels – on the one hand the success of the song, on the other hand the success of our two young and charismatic artists.

Real success is based on talent and passion – Diana and Calin prove this in a grandiose way in this video. Both artists are authentic and charismatic and complement each other really well.

Diana with her amazing voice and her very special facial expressions – Calin – as master of the guitar.

Both artists clearly deserve respect and support on the way to special artist career!

Therefore, I would like to show the concrete possibilities here.

Those who want to support Diana Petcu on her way to a successful singing career have three options.

If you want to support Calin on his way to becoming a professional guitarist, you have here the options.

Just to see the world with different eyes – that shows us here in a grandiose way – Diana and Calin.

I say thank you both.

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