The best result of an amazing song


#Diana Petcu with an excellent cover version of “Greensleeves

The best result of this amazing song – presented by the unique and charming young singer Diana Petcu 🙂


This excellent cover version of “Greensleeves” is one of her most beautiful ballads.

In this video shows Diana her true talent – she presents high octaves absolutely masterfully in this song.

In the following photo gallery, everyone can see the individual changes between the musical expressions. Sometimes lyrical-romantic, then something stronger – in between with delicate, high sequences.

With this cover version, Diana Petcu has excellently and awesome reinterpreted “Greensleeves”.

Amazing impressions from this video

If you see these special sequences from this video, what do you think about that?

Where does Diana take this inner power to reflect this wonderful song in such a fantastic way? There are two important answers: strong will and strong community!

Characteristic, masterful achievements are based here (at Diana), on charismatic authenticity and a clear goal!

Her goal is to become famous worldwide, not because she wants to portray something, but wants to give the world a new character.

The code word means working and create together for a better world, achieving goals together.

Here are two paths that have one goal: to successfully support Diana’s singing career.

Diana’s music family, with many additional rewards and song requests, that Diana has been fulfilling for months. A protected area where you can exclusively exchange thoughts on special topics with all members and Diana.

Then you will find this option here:

Another alternative is here:

2 Replies to “The best result of an amazing song”

  1. Thank you Mario!!! You are such a super-fan of our dear Diana! I truly appreciate what you are doing for her in this site. I know that you know I am a fellow Patreon patron. Diana is such a sweetheart and so very adorable! I asked her to think of me as her Polish-American uncle. I have an affectionate nickname for her, and she has embraced it. You have likely see it in Patreon as well. Thanks again, my friend! (Feel free to e-mail me anytime, sir!)

    1. Many thanks Micha for your wonderful comment. For me it is self-evident that I support young people, because I am a single father of three successful childrens. Diana belongs to the very special people which I have got to know in my live especially because she is a authentic, charismatic, determined and modest person.

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