Special gift for Valentine’s Day

“You” – by Evanescence – as cover from #Diana Petcu ♥♥

Amy Lee – reinterpreted by Diana Petcu

The name of the American rock band alone is very special. “Evanescence” means evanescent (melt away, pass away, etc.)

This special gift from Diana to all fans of her is really very impressive.

It’s very hard for a young singer / artist to sing such a dramatic song – considering that this song refers to the possible loss of a very specific person. I once looked at the lyrics a little closer. It’s about the emotional dependence – the meaning of love and devotion to a very specific person. “You know, I would die only to keep you” – according to the original – is love with the biggest victim ever.

But there are also very positive contents in this song – up to the marriage proposal.

This song fits perfectly with Diana – she is young, devoted, absolutely sincere and honest. She make only does THAT that corresponds to its nature. With this unique song, Diana once again managed to surprise her fans with this Valentine’s Day gift. She thinks of special days like this herself and makes from that, special moments for her fan-community.

For this absolutely unique video of her, Diana should also receive a small gift. 🙂

Photo gallery from this video – a little gift for Diana

Actually, she created this gift herself – but the photo gallery should emphasize some very charismatic sequences of this video.

Now it’s your turn – to give Diana a gift .

The music family is the inner circle for Diana’s success. Everyone can learn more privately, especially what they are planning. Supporting Diana on her path to success is an investment in yourself!

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Another way to support Diana’s singing career is here: https://www.paypal.me/DianaPetcu 

Original song with text:


Evanescence on YT: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCJeH7gl6PbDVV4DTldIOPOA

If you are interested concerts in this year, you can check their website:


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