Song interpretation at the highest level

Heavy Metal with high standards – Diana Petcu & Calin Andrei perform “Painted Skies” (Cover) – Original by Crimson Glory

Diana's glorious aura brings true splendor✨ to this grand video performance - and Calin proves his skills as a virtuoso master guitarist✨. Song request from Patron David Dyer✔

Song interpretation at the highest level – the proof can be seen in this video from the album Transcendence of the heavy metal group Crimson Glory


Mega-update of the previous successes of Diana Petcu and Calin Andrei – a true music enjoyment for heavy metal fans! 

They have created in the hearts of their loyal fans a small empire in their hearts – with hard and at the same time successful work.

Let’s these two young music talents inspire you – you’ll be surprised what makes them so special✔✔

Photo gallery with impressive performances by Diana and Calin ✨✨✨✨✨✔

✨Part -1

✨✨Part -2

Diana and Calin have shown true commitment with this musical masterpiece. To realize new challenges in high quality, we are looking for you as part of Diana’s music family:

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And last but not least: experience the charismatic and happy singer Diana Petcu in the live stream 🙂

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