Romance of a different kind

Diana Petcu with a naughty/bad romance cover and sparkling passion

Bad Romance / Original by Lady Gaga & the music style by Halestorm, this song with the cover of Diana becomes a firework of extreme singing art.

Romance of a different kind – Diana leaves the good girl’s trail this time. No, not really, she shows a whole new side of her singing career.

She is and remains a young, high talented and down-to-earth artist who loves and lives new dimensions. ✨✅

Opposites in particular make life so valuable – that’s why this completely new style of music. The combination of Lady Gaga and Halestorm makes this song rock in metal style.

It is the same with Diana Petcu – she interprets all genres with her grandiose charm in perfection.

✨Impressions from this amazing video✨

Part 1

Part 2

Your commitment is now needed to support Diana’s singing career.

Here are the two options

Option 1 – by joining your music family with numerous advantages:

Option 2 – gladly on this basis, very individually:

To finally a surprise

Diana as a drawing artist – these pictures are only available from Patreon!


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