Rock fireworks performance of superlatives

Unique collaboration by #Diana Petcu and #virtual band – Cover of “Don’t Cry” – original by Guns N’ Roses

Don't cry - even if your heart is burning - Diana Petcu with a clear message for you.


Rock fireworks performance of superlatives with Diana Petcu and virtual band – when you see that, you realize the unique talents this young singer really has!

Why “virtual band”? This collaboration is a teamwork of four musicians, and everything seems – like a real performance – live on stage.


Diana is predestined for success – hard work, consistent achievement of her goals – all this makes this young singer to an amazing talent!

I would like to show this on the basis of this photo gallery – this time in three parts

You will be amazed – guaranteed 🙂

Part -1

Part -2

Part -3

She is a successful singer and student at the same time, as well as unique from her character and the connection to her real fans + music family.

Diana deserves the utmost respect and is therefore supported by many fans.
Join in and see what Diana shares with her music family – only here: 

In addition, you can also support Diana’s singing career in this way:

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