Rock Ballad with double performance

Great finale at the end of the year 2019 with Diana Petcu ✨

Diana Petcu present with her own performance a rock ballad by the British rock band Queen - Who Wants To Live Forever - (Cover)

Rock ballad with double performance – Diana Petcu gives this song a new shine ✨

Who wants to look at the original, can do this here

Two dianas sing mezzo-soprano and soprano at the same time – with full dedication.

Two dianas sing mezzo-soprano and soprano at the same time – with full dedication.
In this video she also uses a special make-up for each “individual Diana”.
Slightly melancholic at first, but then with an angelic voice – Diana is a true master of this musical style.

Diana always impresses with her authentic charm in her videos and live streams.

On December 29, 2019, she even sang a song by the legendary group ABBA – fitting for the upcoming New Year (“Happy New Year“)✨.

But now back to the current video of Diana and the song Who Wants To Live Forever.

Real identification with the song

Every song she interprets is a new challenge for Diana. She can identify 100% with every song. By that I mean that Diana has a feel for special songs that have a special and high-quality background.

That’s why Diana is like a real friend to her fan community, which brings real joy to her fans. There are many ups and downs in Diana’s life, she tells her close fan base about it and for that she is loved and valued. She also has no prejudices against other opinions and people and always tries to find a neutral line.

This song was sung on June 12, 2016, on a special occasion in Orlando, Florida, where Queen performed as a band.

I have put together the special scenes from this song & video for you in the following photo gallery.

Multi talent Diana Petcu – special and great moments ❤✅

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