Repetition with a fantastic result

Double inspiration – two singing talents with passion present amazing song by Queen

Hard to beat in terms of expressiveness – Diana Petcu and Sandra Bullet with an impressive cover by Too Much Love Will Kill You.

Repetition with fantastic result – great collaboration by Diana Petcu and Sandra Bullet in this video

Two talented and charming artists – photo gallery with special scenes

Everything that you have seen and read in this post so far does not require any further words. ✅

Therefore I would like to ask a specific question to every single reader of this article.

What is your explicit engagement for Diana?

Honestly: Do you always just want to watch and be enthusiastic about what makes Diana so unique?

There’s a much better way – definitely!

The proposal from Diana’s music community is this: choose your individual membership in Diana’s music family. You will see that there is a lot more that you will be very surprised personally.

Here is your way – to experience a lot more with Diana and her inner circle. ✨✅

Yeah, let’s go

Alternatively, you can support Diana’s singing career on this basis ✅

I'll do it

Music and commitment knows no boundaries and obstacles – be in to and create with us together a positive change of the world!✨✨✅✅

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