Rebirth of an imaginary song

Let’s rock – Diana Petcu with a charismatic cover of “Imaginary” (Evanescence)


Before I comment closer to this new video by Diana - an important note from me: Since the 28th calendar week, is Diana also present via live stream. Detailed information on this under the following link: 

The rebirth of this imaginary and legendary song Diana has succeeded perfectly. Their special and authentic-characteristic performance gives this song a completely new character.

In this context, I would like to briefly discuss what makes success truly authentic.

I already mentioned one word from the previous sentence – authentic!

Those who are not authentic, lose their self-esteem and makes themselves and the fan community something is going on!

Therefore: Success comes from the deepest heart – or rather, the origin is rooted there and connected to the soul of the human being.

Diana is a clear proof, that young artists can be successful and have a true community and by their fans loved and appreciated.

In addition to self-discipline, self-confidence, willingness to learn and intelligence, Diana has a phenomenal charisma and numerous, amazing talents.

Photo gallery with amazing sequences – as clear proof

in two parts

Part one

Part two

Do you just want to watch – or personally support Diana’s success?

Yes, I want that


Get to know Diana better – via live stream – exclusively here!

I like doing that


Active together and for each other – that’s a real feeling – for both sides 🙂

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