Rebirth of a rock classic

About real life – Dream On – a song by the band Aerosmith / cover by Diana Petcu

Original video of the band & photo gallery from Diana’s cover – rebirth of a rock classic – feminine, charming, intuitive and 100 percent authentic. ✅

Photo gallery of Diana’s cover

Sparkling passion and 100% identification with this fastidious song, make this cover a unique masterpiece. ✨✨

Diana manages in her own way to give this rock classic a completely new performance.

Reviving a rock classic whose text conveys a lot of truth. Life is a kind of sinus curve – it’s going constantly up and down.

We have to detect to learn from the negative tendencies of our lives. Nobody can always win and that’s a good thing!

Knowing how to lose to know how to win is a fundamental truth in our lives. To share emotions with others – to learn from our fellow human beings, to have role models and not to despise others.

Everyone has their own truth – but knowledge is the basis for understanding the truth.

This song fits perfectly with Diana’s real life. Anyone who knows her for a little longer understands what great character traits she has.

Why Diana Petcu is unique

Diana is a very special person today because she is unique. She has mental powers and every real fan of sophisticated music can feel this magic in her videos.

The 100% concentration – constantly changing facial expressions, the balance between strength and restraint, make Diana’s singing art a musical masterpiece.

Diana’s character is exactly the same – she is an absolutely lovable young artist who, despite her successes, is never arrogant. On the contrary: Diana is always respectful, open-hearted, authentic, loyal and humble towards her fan base.

She makes our lives much more beautiful – you can also experience that in real life – here in her music community:

In addition, you can support Diana’s music career on this basis:

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