Power – passion – inspiration

#Musical Artwork by #Diana Petcu – Song request from Patron Martin Nagl

Diana - with own and terrific interpretation / cover by Sorcerer - song performance / original by Marilyn Martin

Power – passion – inspiration, this shows Diana Petcu in an impressive way in this video ✨✨✨✨✨✔

This song is really challenging vocals and performance. Diana masters this in a grandiose way with her artistic talents.

Singing / voice and facial expressions – a constant change of rock and lyric.

Totally sweet, that Diana is a bit “naughty” – yes, she is really a phenomenal and talented artist.

In Diana’s music family she tells a lot of things about herself, including ups and downs in her real life.

So many honesty, openness and authenticity are not shown by many talented artists.

Let’s take a look at Diana’s artistic talent in this photo gallery – it will inspire you!

Moments of magical Singing art – with the golden voice from Romania

Part -1

Part -2

Diana is an artist by the grace of God – chosen to do something special for the people. 🙂

Power – passion – inspiration, Diana gives us all so much! What do you want to do specifically for Diana’s singing career?

You can support them individually here – also in addition: https://www.paypal.me/DianaPetcu 

Special communication, success stories- and secrets, dates for live streams, song requests, MP3, etc. – only in Diana’s music family: https://www.patreon.com/DianaPetcu


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