Positive melancholy – strength and character

#Diana Petcu with “Shape of My Heart” by Sting – as cover with passionate interpretation & performance

Sometimes our life from character is black or white. Pain and joy very often border on each other - as well as failure and success. A black and white contrast is the most extreme form of light and dark - matching the song & the title of this post: Positive Melancholy - Strength and Character.

Diana Petcu makes this song to a highlight – because she interprets this as a young artist and with authentic passion.

If you look at this video silently, you will notice clearly how much sensitivity, strength, melancholy and character Diana shows.

About this song

backgrounds & facts


Diana trust she feelings and make a positive vibe – with amazing black and white contrasts in this Video:)

Especially in terms of her facial expressions and the “mysterious” alternation of melancholy and strength.

This has also proved the successful English singer Robbie Williams with his song “Feel“.

But now let’s concentrate on Diana and her wonderful video.

Special and best scenes from this video – in this photo gallery

Diana deserves definitely – the highest respect for this great vocal performance. Their charm at the beginning and at the end of the video enchants many of their fans, who love them wholeheartedly.

If you want to support Diana on her career path to become a successful singer – then you are welcome.

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