Passionate nature romance with Diana Petcu

Song request from Patron Volker Fitzner – we say thank you thumb-high

music-is the kingCharacter-strong cover song "Now and Then" - by Blackmore's Night - sung by the enchanting Diana Petcu - unique, feminine, incomparable!

Passionate nature romance with Diana Petcu – here in the following video

Real passion to sing songs – authentic and from the bottom of your heart – that is the indicator and the secret of Diana’s success!

There are many stars in the music industry – but Diana Petcu is an emerald of this!

But the difference to this gem is that Diana, as a popular and appreciated singer, is not affordable with any money in the world!

This grace, her unique performance, her passionate look, as well as her glamorous outfit make Diana an authentic star.✨

Her tender voice – even in high pitches – creates viral and mental powers through the highest musical enjoyment.

A score of true singing art – with every new video – that’s Diana Petcu – the golden voice from Eastern Europe!

Here are the magic proofs

Photo Gallery – Part 1

Photo Gallery – Part 2

She does all this, with 200% commitment and therefore convinces +# surprises again and again her fan base!

Magical moments, song requests, MP3 and conversation with/from Diana – only in her inner circle:

In addition, here too:


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