As already announced – the fourth part of the weekly request. Volker Fitzner asked me to sing this song for him and for you. He is one of my most dedicated supporters – for that, my special thanks to Volker 🙂

The fourth part of the week’s request showed me that I’m on the right track – along with my unique friends in my amazing community. More and more subscribers are following me on my YouTube channel – and new supporters are joining Patreon as well.
If you want to be one of my special friends, follow me on YouTube here 🙂
If you have a wish song or favorite song that I should sing for you, then your wish comes true:
Another way to help me with my many challenges you have hereby:
It would be a great pleasure for me to welcome you in my musical family 🙂 You are guaranteed to have a lot of fun and enjoyment in my absolutely and phantastic community!♥♥

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