Diana Petcu – That’s the fifth part – the requirement of the week.

My wonderful supporter – Steve Donaldson – wished for this song 🙂♥♥

What is special about this song and what meaning does it have on my journey to be a real artist?
When I was a kid, this song was carved into my memory. Of course – it was clear that at that time I could not sing this very demanding song.
But now – at the age of an adult artist – I took my chance to really sing this song. Oh no – of course that is not enough! I had to analyze this song in all scores in order to interpret it correctly in reality. Because the rapid change to higher octaves requires a very high concentration! However, these factors must by no means – in terms of overall performance – be disturbing.
So now you know a lot more about what makes this song so challenging.

That was the fifth part of the weekly requirement for your personal wishlist.

At this point I would like to thank my faithful guitarist Calin Andrei for his musical accompaniment 🙂
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