Now it gets emotional – rocking

#Diana Petcu with “Careless Whisper

and a whole new video performance – cover version of the song and music style by Seether.


With a very interesting background story by George Michael – on this song.

But now for the musical brilliance of Diana Petcu.

Why is it becoming emotional – rocking in this video of her now? Although the original song version is by George Michael – Diana has opted for the rock version in the music style of Seether.

The ambivalence of the song, which is about love and pain, is interpreted by Diana in a very impressive way. She lives this song – loving him is only 50 percent of the true value of it.

In recent months, Diana Petcu has taken a huge step forward. She sings completely different genres at the request of her patrons and quite impressive characteristically. Her unique charm, as well as her authenticity, make her a star in the music world.

She gives a completely new meaning to song “Careless Whisper” through your brilliant performance – and why? Diana sings this song as a girl – this alone gives this song a whole new interpretation.

If George Michael were still alive today, he would love Diana’s phenomenal charisma, her vocals, charm, facial expressions, and her reverence for the highly successful musician and singer.

Because George Michael was a very impressive artist with many successes.

Success has its price and is characterized by highs and lows – that’s how it was with him too.
But through such unique talents as Seether and Diana Petcu, his musical heritage remains alive.

I have put together some very impressive sequences from this video for all true fans of Diana in the following photo gallery.

See, marvel and love 🙂

But what do you want to do specifically for Diana’s success? Do doing is not just about seeing, marveling and loving all that Diana presents to us on musical wealth.

It’s about real recognition – that’s what we need your concrete commitment!

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