New video with innovative concept

#Diana Petcu is singing a wish song 🙂

(cover version) of the Band Queensrÿche - titled: "The Lady Wore Black" for Patron David Dyer ♠:)


Why did Diana and Calin need an innovative concept to make this song?

Because there is no instrumental piece to buy from this song on the music market. Calin Andrei very well supported Diana in the realization of the musical desire by creating it with her own ideas. In other words, it had to be recreated true to the original in its own right.

But Diana and Calin have done very well with this great challenge – the comments on their YT channel prove this clearly!

Since Diana has a very demanding fan base and most music titles have their origins a long time ago, she always tries to give her best.

At this point we would all like to thank her patron David Dyer for this wish song – it has definitely helped Diana to discover new horizons.

Diana Petcu shares special skills and unique impressions of her life with her music family. These special talents she shared with us this week to our great pleasure and surprise.

Are you curious now? I think so! Therefore 🙂 Support Diana with her best friends and experience special moments of real communication – in private – in her fan base and fantastic music family:

If you (additionally) want to support Diana – there is another option:

Since this video contains such unique cycles and details, I have put together this photo gallery

Photo gallery from the video

amazing video performance with Diana & Calin ♥♥


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