New dimension of success reached

Glorious honor of a strong artist through phenomenal performance by Diana Petcu✨

Diana Petcu covers the award-winning song - Moon River - by Audrey Hepburn with fantastic passion.❤✅

New dimension of success reached – with over 1.8k subscribers – on the YT channel of singing princess Diana Petcu.

No wonder – with such a grandiose video of her, every music lover of charismatic genres recognizes, the great potential what Diana has.✨✅ 

The photo gallery is further proof of this ✅

This terrific cover by Diana brings this song back to life in a unique way.

With a velvety, charismatic voice and on an imaginary, inner journey, we learn what Diana wants to bring us closer with this performance. ✨

It is very important that such lyrical songs live on and that there are talents who revive this song after almost 60 years.

Diana Petcu – sings live for a Romanian TV channel ✨✨

She successfully participated in national and international music competitions many years ago.

That is why Diana has reached a new dimension of success on her way to becoming an aspiring artist.

Not only Romania is proud of Diana’s amazing talents, their loyal and growing fan base it is also.

Praise and enthusiasm is never enough to honor Diana’s talent appropriately.

That is why loyal fans on Patreon© support their singing careers ✅

You get back more from this charming young artist than you think! See for yourself what Diana shares with you in her music family when you join this community!

You can also support Diana’s singing career on this basis 🙂

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