Master singer with bivalent charm

Diana Petcu as a forest fairy with the terrific song “Memories” by Within Temptation – song request of the patron Glen Sadlock 🙂

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Diana is definitely a master singer with bivalent charm – this video is proof of that

Diana Petcu – the golden voice from Eastern Europe/Romania – let’s yourself be inspired by her

Unlimited success in all dimensions

Diana have on her YT channel in recent weeks increase in new subscribers. And a mega success with Next Music with their live streams !!!

With this video takes Diana her fans to a new dimension. She is absolutely adorable and her clear, high voice is like a wonderful fairy – in the middle of the magic forest.

But this is real magic and a magnificent masterpiece in singing and performance of her 🙂

There are really no adequate words to interpret Diana’s talents in its entirety and venerably.

All the sincere and grandiose comments under her video at YT clearly prove how amazing Diana’s performance is.

Here merge lyricism and song – clearly

This is clearly illustrated with the photo gallery from this amazing video.

Part 1
Part 2

Do you want Diana to sing your wish song? Then join her music family:

Another alternative can you found here:


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