Magical performance perfectly staged

Fantastic interpretation of a lyrical song – by the Solo Diana, the Diana twins & the Diana triplets ✨✨✨

Magical performance perfectly staged – here communication can be felt in a unique way.

Indescribably beautiful – Diana Petcu with the terrific song Into You / cover by Ariana Grande.

A real masterpiece – from the solo Diana to the Diana triplets. It’s always amazing how wonderful these Diana’s communicate with each other to perform a lyrical song.

Perfectly done – with pure passion – as the community from Diana Petcu she knows and appreciates!

Diana’s smile is infectious ✨

Diana’s smile is infectious – in a positive way – in her videos as well as in her live streams she is always in a good mood.

Add to that her feminine charm – these are qualities that not all aspiring artists have.

Gladness that comes from within and real love for what Diana does for her fan community.

For example, this video again, where three Diana’s sing simultaneously and in polyphony.

Anyone who takes a closer look at this video will notice the sympathy that characterizes these three young talents. Although it is – of course always – the same artist and singer Diana Petcu – but this synchronization is definitely terrific!

She staged a magical performance perfectly – also from the video and audio quality!

A strong team is behind her ✅

From the choice of the songs to the outfit, make up – everything has to be placed together perfectly and harmonize.

So that this can also be realized, Diana receives a lot of support from her mom and her friend Calin.

Broad support from fan community

What would an artist be without her fan base, which motivates her and makes creative suggestions?

This would never work – just like a World Cup is never real without a spectator.

For example, members of Diana’s music family can suggest a song that Diana should sing (song request of the week).

You can see this and all other advantages here and select your level for personal support:

If you want to support Diana’s singing career additionally or anonymously, you can do it this way:

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