Love song of a special kind

Elvis Presley would have loved to sing this song with Diana

Diana Petcu with the world song Can't Help Falling in Love by Elvis Presley / Cover with instrumental accompaniment on the Kalimba.

A special kind of love song – with the amazing singer Diana Petcu. Melodically decorated ✨ with the game on the Kalimba – you must have to see that!


Diana always surprises her fan community with very special songs. Among them are famous songs like Can’t Help Falling in Love by the “King of Rock and Roll”.

Diana presents this song in a whisper, quietly and with real passion. Anyone who has watched the video will do it more often, because all these grandiose scenes are, really phenomenal.

Special moments with Diana Petcu – can you see in this photo gallery ✨

The grace that Diana shows in this video is one of her special qualities. In addition, she always chooses a stylish outfit – matching the song.

Diana also has a lot of wonderful ideas when it comes to decorating – that’s why she is extremely popular with her fans. The Eastern European flair has many facets and is also a great asset for anyone who has a special feeling for nostalgia.

Because ingenuity makes an artist really authentic – especially, when it comes to lyrical songs.

But Diana has many other, very special properties that her fans appreciate and love so much. She is a charismatic, authentic, determined and at the same time loving young artist with real charm. She is a natural beauty who knows how to make the lives of her listeners and viewers better.

Success makes many people snooty – but not Diana ✅

Although she is really very successful, she never takes off, but stays down to earth, friendly and of character like a real friend.

Yes, you got it right – Diana is a successful, respectful, aspiring young artist with a phenomenal character!

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