Love and its “side effects”

Very good feeling and great performance by #Diana Petcu

BrokenSeether & Amy Lee – Cover-Version von Diana Petcu


Anyone who has ever been in love knows the feeling of real love. This song shows very clearly from the text that love also has “side effects”. Joy and sorrow alternate, as well as closeness and loneliness.
As an artist, Diana Petcu shows her true talent in feeling and performance. Sensual, passionate and with brilliant stage technique – that is true art and interpretation of this very demanding song. ♥♥

That’s why: Diana shows an impressive and very good feeling as well as a great, as well as authentic performance in this video.

Diana is definitely one of the most outstanding singers, which shows this song to the public really very impressive and expressive in this video. >

Special moments in this video 🙂

In the following photo gallery I have put together the special moments and scenes of this video.
Absolutely terrific is the double-performance in this video (Diana sings with Diana).

Give Diana recognition – with your specific contribution

It is far from enough to enjoy Diana’s videos, because as a young artist she needs the support of concrete commitment. Diana really does invest a lot of time, money and in high-quality equipment in her singing career. In addition, she uses a very special costume / outfit for every video appearance.

Enthusiasm alone can’t do any great deeds – the facts alone decide clearly!

Of course, it’s wonderful to be able to enjoy all of Diana’s charismatic and imaginative ideas in her videos. But all of that would be quite one-sided – even selfish – if we just enjoy it all without putting personal recognition into action.
Here you can put true recognition of Diana into action!

Diana’s music family with unique benefits:

In addition, but also about here:  

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