Like in heaven – so on the earth

When truly beautiful singing becomes a symphony for the senses

As in heaven – so on the earth, what does it mean? Diana shows her true character in this video – her love of music, which makes you feel like you’re in heaven.

At the very beginning of the video, Diana Petcu glides gently into this romantic song – Right Here Waiting. This cover from Diana for the song mentioned is a symphony for the senses. Her magical looks attract you like a magnet – you get involved – to enjoy it to the end.

Or let’s put it another way: you dive into a completely different galaxy when you watch this video and let Diana’s fantastic voice speak to you.

Briefly about the history of the song; Richard Marx wrote this song for his ex-wife and actress Cynthia Rhodes. She is known from the successful and at the same time dramatic dance film Dirty Dancing.

But let’s get back to Diana’s unique video performance – a romance of real feelings. ❤

Romantic moments in this video – with Diana Petcu✨

Experience magical moments on earth – romance and real singing art – that is Diana’s secret of success. Because she identifies with every single song she sings for all of us.

All presentations show their inner and outer beauty and their outfit makes them an natural icon in the music world.

Let us imagine the following: You feel abandoned on some days – by all people. Many people in the world basically have no one who listens to them or talks to them. This affects all groups of people – successful and less respected, but success, can make lonely too.

But you don’t give up and firmly believe in the moment when you meet a special person in your life. ✨✅
It is like a magical experience, where Diana shows you the sky on earth – takes you in she arms – simply out of real charity.

Why is Diana that unique person you can meet? She is a very special – down-to-earth artist who speaks to you like as a real friend.

What do I mean specifically? Diana does a lot of live streams and you too can be there, communicate with her in chat and she will show you her warmth. She is so, so uniquely grateful for every sentence that you send to her in chat and speak to her.

Your solution is just a click away ✅

1.) Follow the invitation to become an important member of Diana’s music family and you will experience unique communication with her and the other wonderful people.

(You will also find their livestream dates there – but only here!)

2.) Experience real communication with this charismatic beauty – and if you also want additionally to thank her for everything, support her in this way 🙂

And last but not least – the original video of the song with Richard Marx ✅✨

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