Let’s talk to each other – real action

This video has platinum quality – Diana & Band #Artemes with a fantastic video performance ✨

Sung by Diana Petcu with an incredible amount of feeling and passion – cover by Artemes – What I’ve Done – original by Linkin Park.

Diana and her band show their true and amazing talent in all their videos – therefore: let’s talk to each other – real action.

Specifically, I mean by that – let’s communicate with each other and with one another even better. ✅

It is very important that this unique band get even more supporters.

Let’s take a closer look at the best scenes from this video.

Photo gallery with real emotions, terrific performance and moments

We (the fan community) and Artemes would be very happy if you too would be willing to support these creative musical talents individually.

In addition, many additional, exclusive offers / services are waiting for you – but only here, in the music family of Diana Petcu / Artemes!

At Christmas in particular, there are many benefits for Artemes’ patrons – let yourself be surprised and choose your individual arrangement.

Here it's your way

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