Inspired by a legendary song

New and fantastic cover by Diana Petcu – she sings “The Sound of Silence” / original by Simon & Garfunkel / Song request by Patron Hank Ryan 🙂

Inspired by a legendary song from 1966 - and inspired by Diana's passionate and unique video performance. This song request from Hank Ryan is further proof of the real successes of Diana Petcu. ✨✨✨✨✨✔

Listen to Diana’s song – you’ll enjoy it! Open your heart – and you will experience true inspiration.


Lyrical and charismatic songs have always been part of Diana’s equipment. Her fans love, admire and adore her for so much charisma, passion, beauty, ingenuity and authenticity.

Diana goes always her own way – but she loves her fan community and they love her in her heart. ♥♥

This is a wealth that can’t be paid for with all the money in the world.

Diana has not only great talent – she is a true, natural beauty from inside and outside.

If you were traveling with Diana she would always be in a good mood – no matter what the weather. 🙂

This is how it can be seen again and again in their videos. She interprets songs that have a sentimental / emotional meaning from the text, in an absolutely grandiose way.

Therefore these two photo galleries from this video

Part one

Part two

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