Inspiration – respect – success

#Diana Petcu with a great song by #Sam Smith in double performance ✨✨

Diana surprises her fan base with a cover of the brand new song by Sam Smith from album To Die For – release date of the entire / 3rd album is May 1st 2020

Inspiration – respect – success for Diana Petcu for this amazing and passionate video performance.

At the very beginning of her creative work on YouTube, she was inspired by a previous song by this artist. She also made a cover of “Writing’s on the Wall”.

Diana’s success is based on a clear attitude – creating special songs as covers. It has never been before so, that she presents a new song that is from an album that will be released in a few months.

With a voice as clear as spring water, it makes this song a very special and authentic masterpiece.

In addition, two Diana’s sings in an enchanting way – that’s really terrific and totally cute!

No wonder that Diana has a very large increase with 1700 subscribers on her YouTube channel. She is consequently moving towards the 2000 brand and every real fan loves this success from her.

Impressive moments from the current video✨✅

Diana is not only a very likeable and successful singer, she also has other talents as a painting and writing artist.

You can get to know all of this when you become a member of Diana’s music family.

In addition, you will also find out the send times, when Diana moderates her charismatic, inspiring and authentic live streams. ✅

She is such a happy, funny and communicative girl every time – that it’s every time just phenomenal!

Join in and experience fantastic moments with Diana and find out what she shares with only her real friends:

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