If everything is not always cool

Song performance with truthfulness – Diana Petcu with a convincingly strong cover

Diana Petcu with the cover song Call Me When You're Sober (original by Evanescence)
Diana Petcu - a very charismatic singer talented

If everything is not always cool you have to stay true to yourself. Take the helm and follow your own course. Don’t be pragmatic but make a clear decision!

This song is a new challenge for Diana Petcu – especially from the interpretation.
Here she clearly shows her true passion and charisma, as well as a multifaceted facial expression.

This photo gallery shows these very specific scenes of the video

Despite her time-consuming study, Diana has managed to get over 1,5k subscribers on YouTube over the past few weeks.

With this video Diana clearly shows how consistent goals become real.

This song is really very multifaceted of the performance – Diana has opened her heart convincingly.

Those who do so much receive respect and recognition from the community.

That is why there is also a loyal music family that effectively supports Diana in achieving her goals and getting even better.

Become a part of Diana’s family of music

Only here,  you can learn many private things from Diana and receive numerous additional services: https://www.patreon.com/DianaPetcu

Alternatively, you can support Diana’s music career on this basis: https://www.paypal.me/DianaPetcu

Last but not least – here is the original video of the band Evanescence

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