Here merge lyric and performance

Easter surprise from #Diana Petcu with the charismatic song by Seal: “Kiss from a Rose” – as cover 🙂

Here merge lyricism and performance in a charismatic way – definitely!


With this new cover – “Kiss from a Rose” by Seal, Diana Petcu celebrates in this video a special Easter surprise in a grandiose way with her fan community.

A special success on Diana’s YT channel is the best proof of her unique, musical, and charismatic song interpretations.

She has 900 subscribers on its YT channel at Easter, that’s over 200 new subscribers since November 11, 2018!

This wonderful achievement is a vote of confidence for both sides – Diana’s fan community and for Diana as a vocal talent!
Every real music fan will feel Diana’s passion for and in this song. “Kiss from a Rose”, was the third song title for the voting, in Diana’s music family at Patreon ©.

Impressive scenes from this video

Here are the two concrete options

Diana’s music family with many, additional benefits – exclusive only here:

The second concrete possibility – even bivalent / or alternative form of support – is also possible in this way:

Therefore: choose you an option, join in and benefit from special services This is real win-win for both sides out of real passion – 100%!

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