Here elements merge

Let yourself be enchanted by Diana and Calin – with – “You” – cover by The Pretty Reckless

Three times pretty / beautiful and perfect – by that I mean:

• The song

• Diana, as a singer and an excellent artist

• Calin, a talented and virtuoso guitarist

Here elements merge – when Diana presents her passion and Calin unfolds his true talent on the guitar.

Here’s the evidence – magic moments from the video ✨

Real passion – paired with perfect performance – that is what makes Diana Petcu special. Regardless of whether she’s playing with her boyfriend and great artist Calin, or with her band.

Cover better than original?

In fact, an original can never be better than a copy.

That may be true – but this here is a terrific cover of the original song.

Diana convinces with her own song interpretation and performance. She shows this in a lot of videos and her fan base loves this uniqueness of her.

I’ve heard a lot of talents sing myself, but Diana is predestined to sing passionate songs with a unique charisma.

The magical power of her facial expressions and gestures – that is true authenticity that her fans love and appreciate so much about her!

She is an emerald in today’s music world and an artist / singer with real feelings and heart.

This song performance touched my heart deeply – let yourself be inspired by Diana, Calin and their band too!

But that’s not all!

A look behind the scenes of Diana, Calin and the band Artemes shows how much work and commitment it takes to create these unique videos. Or rather – to present the sound and picture quality in an appealing and professional manner.

If you want to learn more about it, then become a patron of Artemes. In addition, exclusive information, photos and videos await you there.

Make your dream come true – ideally now:

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