#Halleleujah – with #Diana Petcu

Cover version the song by Alexandra Burke

With this charismatic song “Hallelujah” Diana once again “hit the nail on the head’!

This song was originally composed by Canadian songwriter Leonard Cohen, which appeared on an album in 1984. So definitely a song with tradition – which even has its origin in the Old Testament. David playing, according to a biblical tradition with his harp and God pleased this.
Yes, music calms and inspires at the same time – this is clearly demonstrated by Diana with her absolutely phenomenal performance.
At the age of 13 she already sang this song. But now – at the age of 18 – she definitely surprises with her “new edition” in a unique way.

Big compliment from many fans 🙂

Diana is one of the most charismatic young vocal talents trying to make our everyday life brighter. Any fan of true music enjoyment will enjoy in each of Diana’s videos, on her incomparable charm, her super cute facial expressions and her true passion for music.
She convinces in this video with true music art, by it her strong and soft voice aga – a performance with very high demands.

This is rewarded by their fans – above all thanks to the very good growth of their fan community.
But: There is even a real fan family of Diana! Everyone can get exclusive bonuses there.
In this context I would like to mention the really adorable Christmas video of Diana and her mother Mariana Petcu.♥♥
Therefore: Never miss such unique moments again!

Also, this weekend there is an additional bonus – a magical photo of Diana, exclusively for members of her musical family!



Another way to support Diana’s singing career is via this link:
Diana Petcu is worth every kind of support – she is an absolutely, unique, authentic, wonderful and a very beautiful young lady, with a charming charisma and a passionate musician!

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