Great weekend – with bonus video

Diana Petcu with a amazing song by MadonnaInto The Groove / Cover

Wonderful sound – confusingly similar to the original – in quality and vocals.

Great weekend – with bonus video – that’s more than the community expected!

Singing songs by the famous singer Madonna alone is something special for every artist. Because she is one of the most successful artists worldwide. 

To hear Diana’s wonderful, crystal clear voice, that’s pure music enjoyment!
This is always a reason for Diana’s fan base to support her singing career effectively.

Here quality and performance are perfect and that is based on Diana’s fundamental love for music, her strong will and ambition.

Songs interpreting true to the original is hard work – but at the same time it is a confirmation of her own skills. Last but not least, the positive feedback that comes from the community is another indicator of real success.

But it gets even better!

Surprise from her

What do you think of when you see such a great accomplishment in two ways from an aspiring artist?

I mean hearing two songs by Diana in one weekend!

Here are some details about the second video, which Diana also covered.
It’s A Beautiful Day – Original by White Bird – is a beautiful, melodic country song.

With this song, the listener feels freedom and inspiration – as if he is in the middle of idyllic nature. A white bird glides through the air – very synchronously – because it “has fun” with it.

Both songs Diana presented this weekend are great.
Although they are different from their genre, they go very well together.

Diana makes the lives of many people much better through her singing – that’s what many fans say of her again and again.
Life is change – we all know that. For many people, changes initially have their downsides – but there is also a positive power through them.

Diana is also going through a change that will have a positive and groundbreaking effect on her future singing career.
You will find out about it in a week – to be precise, on August 15th, 2020.

Next week you will see Diana in and with a completely new performance and formation.

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