Grandiose start of the year 2020

Diana Petcu and the virtuoso guitarist Calin Andrei with a fantastic cover ✅✨

This song (I Put a Spell on You) comes from Annie Lennox‘s sixth solo album – “Nostalgia” – which was released in 2014.

Grandiose start of the year 2020 – Diana and Calin enchant their fan base with a show performance.

The two of them are so damn good – I watched this fantastic video – over and over again. “Damn” has a positive meaning here – all the negative goes away when you watch this video!

Real music enjoyment with truly unique music talents are guaranteed to make everyday life better!

Temperament and passion in nostalgic harmony 🙂

Artistic magic in this photo gallery – let yourself be enchanted ✨✨

More from Diana = more for Diana

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Make your wish a reality – here’s the way:

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