Grandiose singer with a clear message

Unique video performance by #Diana Petcu – from “The Voice” (Cover) / by Celtic Woman Song request by Patron Tyler Barrett

In a golden sheen – paired with feminine strength and passion. This song suits perfect the season and also, what many people are looking for.

I even think that Karel Gott would want Diana to sing this song with his daughter Charlotte. He was the golden voice from Prague - internationally known, popular - a legend. Yesterday, the state funeral ceremony took place on the occasion of his death.

A great singer with a clear message – that’s Diana Petcu in reality, and in addition very consistent!

She started studying at the university a few weeks ago, but she’s always trying to release a new video.

A few weeks ago, I wrote in a blog post that Diana is the golden voice from Eastern Europe.

This has she been proved twice in this video. On the one hand with her make-up, on the other hand with her grandiose voice.
In addition, with feminine charm, strength and passion.

This is rewarded by their loyal fans with a new fan group.

It’s always amazing what ingenuity comes from both sides.

She is a very ambitious and at the same time empathetic, successful, authentic and happy girl. Above all, in their live streams, everyone can see the 1: 1.

With that, she always gives her fan community great pleasure. That’s why there are many fans who are very committed to Diana’s success.

Diana deserves all support for all her very beautiful videos.

Photo gallery of this brilliant video

Part 1

Part 2

Real support, combined with numerous rewards, as well as live stream dates – you can find out more here:
In addition, an anonymous support for Diana’s singing career on this basis is possible:

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