Grandiose Keynote Performance

#Diana Petcu starts with a successful new power in 2019 >

With a unique multi-performance Diana starts in the year 2019 – with success! 

She sings a song from the album of rock band Halestorm entitled:

“Familiar Taste of Poison” – as cover.


The key for their success is their authentic passion to the music, their unique and amazing character traits and their authenticity.

Sparkling intelligence – paired with artistic talent – these are the true talents of Diana

Diana gives this song a unique character – it also appears in the video in two simultaneous ways. Diana right next to Diana – as the same artist – in different outfit and performance. This high-quality video performance is also the reason for your success with this great video.

Their completely different new style underlies this grandiose keynote performance. She appeared in her latest videos as a passionate and emotional girl.

But now she changes in the rocking direction – on song suggestion of one of her patrons!

An absolutely terrific video – as a status symbol for their successful start in the year 2019.

With completely new ideas in word and deed!

the best scenes from this video

These are just a few excerpts from this great video. I’m sure you will not only love it, but watch it x times 🙂

But that’s not enough!

If you really want to communicate with Diana and want her to sing your wish song as well, join her music family. Other benefits, such as downloadable audio files, creative suggestions and community discussions for and with Diana, live chat, Diana’s drawings, and other exciting things await!

Yes, I want


Another way to support Diana’s singing career is here:

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