Girls power with historical significance

Collaboration and rock song by #Diana Petcu & Sandra Bullet

Diana and Sandra sing "Zombie" / Cover / from the alternative rock group The Cranberries, which was very successful with this song.

Why Girls Power with historical significance? Because this song is a protest song written and composed in 1993 by Dolores O’Riordan. The protest was directed against the IRA bombing in 1993, in which killing two young band members.


Today, Diana Petcu and Sandra Bullet sing this song – two outstanding singers with their own and strong performance.

“Fair play” in words and deeds – this really makes this video so special.

Diana supports Sandra with this collaboration and it’s a clear proof for this, that music connects hearts and souls.

To the photo gallery of this charismatic video

Part 1

Part 2

To all who want to know more about Diana

See Diana in a unique way live, she tells and shows photos from her childhood, she sings different songs, for example by Whitney Houston:


“You Raise Me UP”:


Ice princess/”Frozen”:


Diana’s sympathy and unique charm are viral in nature – she is a natural and charismatic beauty inside and outside!

You can find the broadcast dates here only:

Diana - picture -1

In addition, you can also support Diana’s singing career in this way:

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