From dream to success

Diana Petcu – as a role model for many people, popular and unique ✨

From dream to success – my statement for this fantastic singer from Eastern Europe.

There are a lot of beautiful and highly gifted young talents with a strong will, charisma and charm.

However, the starting positions are very different due to the countries.

In America, Great Britain, Germany and many countries in Western Europe, the chances of becoming a successful artist are usually very good.

But in Eastern Europe, where many people have hourly wages of € 1.90, things are very different.

But I have found that there are many people with very strong wills living there. Many of them want to be successful – the same applies to Diana Petcu.

She has made a big, very positive change in her singing career in the past two years.

Starting with many unique song interpretations, collaborations with artists all over the world – and up to today’s singer with her own band.

Of course, some artists from their hometown have come together to make music together, but Diana is the reason this band even exists.

Artemes refers to a female person in Greek history who was a heroine.

She was the goddess of the hunt, the forest, the moon and the protector of women and children. That, of course, is just a mythology – but even today – will be off visions turn into clear goals!

So it is with Diana – she is too – in her own way as an authentic and down-to-earth artist with many talents.

As a child she was already a little heroine and as a teenager she was even chosen to represent her country at song contests.

Not everyone can show that they represent an entire country and a unique position.

This includes a lot of hard work, willingness to learn, talent development, ambition and passion.

A strong community stands behind her ✅

Behind every success – especially in music and show business – there is a close fan base. Even if it is rather difficult with the really big stars to dedicate oneself to the fan base accordingly, this is of enormous importance for every artist.

At Diana, too, a strong fan base has significantly promoted her singing career over the past two years.

Artemes – a new formation with success

For Diana Petcu, Artemes is clear confirmation that persistence and determination lead to success. The first song got a very, very positive response from the fan community.

As author of this article, I am her patron at Patreon and I give support her in many ways, so I know Diana very well.

But she also confided in her fan community again and again when she had difficulties and stress.

For example, because of her high school exams and the subsequent study at a university in her hometown.

Many of them (and of course me too) gave her courage again and again. All members of their community have received their sincere thanks for this. This is really the best gift – in a mutual sense!

It’s real teamwork – just like today – with her band Artemes!

Support her and her band with new projects – here at Patreon:

Big surprise at the end:

Online concert Sept. 5, 2020

Artemes’ first online concert on September 5, 2020 – all information, including tickets

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