First own song – with success

Diana Petcu & Calin Andrei with first song composition – and the fan community cheers 🙂

Definitely very beautiful overall performance of lyrics, vocals, and instrumental content. The reward for this was 10 new subscribers within just 80 minutes at YT! A fantastic result for the two young, charming and up-and-coming artists. ✨✨

First own song – crowned with success – that’s what Diana and Calin really deserve. Lesson to Kiss Me – that’s the title of this lyrical-romantic song – let’s watch this video and enjoy it.


Diana shows her unique charisma, feminine charm in this video and Calin is also very romantic on the guitar. Both live this song – this is clear to anyone who is a true fan of romance.

romantic couple

This picture is very nice – but let’s look the pictures at from this beautiful and real video – it will inspire you!

Photo gallery of the first, own musical masterpiece / song premiere

Part 1

Part -2

Who has looked closely at this video and the photo gallery knows that Diana’s success is supported by many real fans.

This is because of Diana’s many, very, unique traits.✔✔

The gratitude alone, which she clearly declares here on the Internet, makes her a very special person in our time.

This is not an irrational rapture – but clearly the truth – and only the truth!

Diana has created this unique song together with her friend Calin – despite demanding study.

From her very many people can learn – regardless of age!

She is authentic, purposeful, strong, loving, understanding, very talented and unique in what she presents in some videos.And in communication with her music family and fan community.

Now you know a lot more about Diana Petcu – you too can do something for this absolutely unique, young singer talent.

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