First collaboration – daring and won

#Diana Petcu & Vesislava Todorova – with a charismatic performance

Cover version of “#You Raise Me Up” (Original by Celtic Woman)


Diana & Vesislava enchant their fans with a truly impressive, charismatic performance full of passion and harmony. The special thing about it is that it is the first collaboration of Diana ever!

It proves, that hard work and persistence really pay off in the end. 

Therefore: The first collaboration was dared and won – really to 100%!

The term “collaboration” I had to STOP first!

Since I live in Germany, I first recognized very different definitions in my native language.

It has multiple meanings – the positive ones, I will clarify at this point – especially in relation to this video.

Collaboration is a risk – especially when it comes to a – for both sides – completely new project. These two charismatic and enchanting young artists have joined together for the first time to make this terrific video a reality. A project as a venture – with a convincing result.

But that alone is not enough to pay tribute to these outstanding achievements, because:

Here, a collaboration becomes a symbiosis of talent development and true devotion to the actual, focused mission of these two artists. Make people happy with music – just make the dark clouds disappear on the horizon of thought – to see the world with different eyes.

The world-famous and much-presented song “You Raise Me Up” – also has a very lyrical-emotional character.

We all need people around us who encourage us to deal with difficult situations in life. These are hurdles of our lives, which must be overcome.

A true community stands behind Diana – and that makes her strong ♥♥ 🙂

She is so unique and thankful for the support of her music family, like no one else.

Personally, I know many people, who after a great success literally “stand out” – but Diana remains down-to-earth and authentic – as her fans know her and love her.

She wants to move forward – and many fans follow her. This is clearly noticeable on their YouTube channel.

From this great video, I had to create absolutely a photo gallery

Video impressions with Diana and Verislava

These two charming music talents impress and convince with their unique authenticity, beauty, passion for music, as well as feminine charm. The video impressions with Diana and Verislava prove this clearly! You have to look at it!

Do you also want to help Diana realize her visions, personally and in the community, to share her ideas with her?

Then join her music family, share thoughts with her and others, participate in her many recognitions – exclusively for her Patreon © supporters!

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Another way to help Diana with her singing career is here:

Small surprise at the end: Since this video has premiere significance, there will be a very special contribution to the unique personality of Diana in the coming week. In addition, with analyzes in terms of their successes!

So: visit their website in the next few days!

Many thanks to Diana and Varislava for this absolutely amazing video 🙂

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