Exclusive benefits for fan base

Why members of Diana’s community more about hear and receive more from her?

The answer is quite simple and logical: In life there are people with enthusiasm and people with commitment. Pure enthusiasm brings nothing one on the long term, but only personal commitment!

Artists have clear visions and want to transform them into a mission. This requires real passion, motivation to want something special and to pass this on the fans.

• Diana Petcu, • Diana Petcu, Video, August 03, 2019

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But an artist can do a great job if he does not have the necessary equipment!

Many real fans and friends have helped Diana to become so successful in the last few months!

The unique gratitude of her and the authentic charisma, as well as the real dedication to really achieve something. These are some of the most succinct phenomena for Diana’s true success!

In addition, Diana is a multi-talented and shows their fan base own drawings, special videos and to each video give an MP3 version.

Exclusive benefits for Diana’s fanbase – there’s more!

• You will be informed about the latest broadcasting times for your Life stream
• You can ask them to sing a special song for you, and you’ll even be mentioned by name as supporter / patron of Diana under and in the video
• You can chat with Diana face to face
• You can make specific suggestions to Diana, for example regarding a collaboration with other artists worldwide
• You will learn a great deal about her artistic career
• Experience Diana as a book author and receive a specially signed copy as soon as the English translation is available
• Experience the true gratitude and beauty of a very special artist, learn more about her life. You will close Diana forever in your heart and she will do it in return 🙂

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Here are the concrete steps

Become a member of Diana’s fan community: https://www.patreon.com/DianaPetcu

Additional support also here: https://www.paypal.me/DianaPetcu

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