Excellent performance down to the last detail

Once again Diana and her band Artemes proves how unique and creative young talents are. ✨

Very emotional – and at the same time perfect interpretation / cover of “My Heart Is Broken” (original by Evanescence).

Excellent performance down to the last detail – by Diana Petcu, Calin Andrei, and drummer David – from Canada.

My Heart Is Broken – luckily, not really in relation to charismatic and unique singer Diana Petcu. Because it would break the fan community’s heart – to see them that way.

Let’s take a closer look at the details

Definitely made the right decision ✅

Diana and Calin have proven so many times that they are able to create unique performances and look for solutions.
Diana and Artemes made the right choice with drummer David because he is also a passionate musician.

Overall, as the author of this article, I have to say something very clearly at this point: Although I have seen many young musical talents around the world, Diana Petcu is and remains a singer for me, which in the songs show strong emotions and best facial expressions presents.

It is always astonishing with what inner devotion she shows such strong feelings and how down-to-earth she is.

At the end of the video, you can see her jumping in the air for joy. That is totally sweet of her and at the same time something special because Diana – even as a child – developed a real love for music.

Your chance – real communication with Diana & Band Artemes

Diana asked her closest fan and music community a question – you can answer this as well – only here – as a member of her music family:


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