Emotions that touch your heart

Even if it is difficult – Diana gives everything ❤

Song with depth & a challenge at the same time - wonderful singer Diana Petcu with a cover of I’II Never Love Again - original by Lady Gaga.
Tragic background based on a true story in the life of song icon Lady Gaga.

Diana Petcu is predestined to sing this great song because it places high demands on the artist. ✨

Anyone who really knows Diana knows, what for a true identity is behind the selection and performance of emotional songs.

She has mental strength – despite many turbulence and challenges – that makes this young artist something special.

Emotions that touch your heart – whoever watches this video knows which unique characteristics Diana presents here.

The charismatic answer in this photo gallery

Part -1

Part -2

Recognize the balance of highs and lows

Sometimes you need a hand that holds you so that you have courage again and defeat the pain.

trust on people

It doesn’t matter who that person is – the main thing is that you can trust this person.

Diana trusts her real fans, who mean the world to her – this is really totally cute – and above all true! ❤✅

Young talents need support from real friends

Diana is a determined and authentic young artist who is studying at a university in addition to her singing career.
Show Diana with your personal support that she really means something to you.
Join now – in Diana’s music family with lots of information, additional services and surprises: https://www.patreon.com/DianaPetcu

Alternatively also on this basis: https://www.paypal.me/DianaPetcu

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