Emotional and phenomenal – the new style

Diana Petcu – before – Artemes today – the new performance of a great song

In a personal statement, Diana speaks of the great desire to give this song a better character. She is referring to a video that she published at the time of her solo singing career.

Emotional and phenomenal – the new style of the great song / cover of My Immortal – original by Evanescence.

Presented with real dedication by Diana Petcu & her Band Artemes.

Real passion for the song – you can see here ✅

Let’s get back to this beautiful video from Diana and her band.

Diana’s fan community is enthusiastic about this melodic song, the acoustics and the presentation by her.

Special attributes give this song a completely new performance.
Especially through more self-confidence, strength of character, outfit, stage lighting and the 1: 1 piano melody. Diana shows herself from her most beautiful side as a young artist and real beauty.

The band’s instrumental interludes also give this great song new impulses.

Special impulse to you ✨

At this point a special impulse for all readers of this article.

Young artists like this need your very specific commitment so that they can do a lot more for you and me.

Here is the path you can take together with Artemes:


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