Elegance with magical skills

Going Under – Peng cover by Diana Petcu explosion-153710_640

Elegance with magical skills - a completely new performance of this clarifying song * - originally by the American rock band Evanescence.

Peng stands for:
Professionalism / professional
nuance / specifically – emphasis and meaning in relation to the alternation of language and singing, facial expressions, expression
gesture / body language

clarifying song * = Song with clear content and message

Take a look and discover Diana’s brilliant talents ✨✅

Actually, these pictures say everything about Diana’s perceptive character, her musical and stylistic achievements.

But there is more to tell about what makes Diana Petuc so special as a singer and real beauty.

For example, Diana loves being close to her fan community and sharing many things from her life in her music family.

Just last week Diana published a beautiful photo of herself on Patreon. She looks like a model – if she were a bit taller, she would be one, according to her own words.

But Diana doesn’t have to meet these requirements because she is a natural beauty and no one can set her rules!

It is much nicer that she is an unbiased, aspiring young artist who receives real support from her music family.

The things don’t always go so smoothly because, she started studying at a university in addition to her singing career (in autumn 2019).

This includes the right outfit, the make-up style, the lighting, camera perspectives and additional effects that make every video of her so special!

Every new video of her is therefore a big surprise for Diana’s fan base. Diana knows how to skillfully keep the balance between rock and melancholic, lyrical songs.

So can every fan enjoy, his genre, that’s presented by Diana on here videos – ever with passion.

It is not a matter of course that a young artist is ready – so totally different / opposing – to represent musical styles. Because every demanding and successful video performance requires clear identification with the respective song!

In any case, this video is clear proof that Diana is one of the most outstanding artists, who as a person and talent change the world positively!

Make the world to a better place ✨✅

You too can help to make and shape the world better – by joining Diana’s music family:


However, if you want to do more, you can also show your commitment here:


Important news – Diana Petcu started an new song request of the week

Only – in her music family at Patreon©! ✅

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