#Diana Petcu – with a New Year’s Eve surprise

“What are you doing New Year’s Eve” – cover version after the song with Ella Fitzgerald

She was an American jazz legend – Diana is the new star in this unique video!!


This is Hollywood-ripe!

A successful movie includes extraordinary features. And for a jazz classic a charismatic singer. This song alone is a legend by songwriter Frank Loesser. Diana interprets this song exorbitantly!

In this video she shows her positive mindset – paired with delightful – feminine gestures.

This New Year’s Eve surprise has succeeded Diana in a unique way to one hundred percent! A musical symbiosis of restraint and feminine charm – their seductive facial expressions, as well as attractiveness, make this performance a masterpiece of the arts. Her charming outfit, as well as her authentic smile unique make Diana a real star!

Diana definitely showed a Hollywood-ready song interpretation in this video – so I put together a photo gallery from this video.

Unique video – with annual review of 2018

If you watch this video, you will burn with passion – join Diana’s unique music family! You can expect unique surprises, as well as additional services – exclusively for members of your music family!

Let's go


Alternatively, you can also help her on her way to singing career: https://www.paypal.me/DianaPetcu

All members of Diana’s fan community, music family and faithful friends – as well as Diana, Calin and her mother – I wish a successful start to the year 2019

from all my heart

Mario Poguntke

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